Night Time Tips – System Kids

Has night comes for us we just want to share a few tips we’ve found that helps us get the kiddos in the system to sleep well (or at all). We’ve had a problem with insomnia since we were 13 years old or maybe younger. Since we’ve started therapy it’s been a big subject in our sessions.

The kids have only been co-con with us for a small amount of time. Its been a learning experience for all of us. Though the kids are not the only ones with insomnia, these are some quick tips we use to try and get the kiddos to calm down and sleep.

  1. Aromatherapy 

This one is more of a new one for us, and it helps us because a lot of us are ‘stuck’ in another time in our life, babies especially. The point of this is to find a scent you like but that is a new scent in your life. If you live in the USA, Bath and Body Works is a great place to find many scents of lotion, body wash, scent rollers, candles, etc. They even have a line of “sleep” products. We have a pillow spray that is a completely new smell for us and coupled with our medicine it helps us stay present while falling asleep.

This also can be helpful for flashbacks since scent is the strongest sense

2. Kid videos 

We watch a lot of youtube videos, we have since we first got the internet. Though we don’t usually watch a lot of child-focused videos. We watch a lot of videos the kids find interesting, usually with kid-safe language. The kids all have their favorites, and coupled with other methods having a playlist of the kid’s favorite videos playing at night on soft volume can be helpful to distract them until they fall asleep.

3. Cuddling with a safe adult

For us, this means internally cuddling with a parent, but for others, it could mean cuddling with a safe person externally. This one is pretty self-explanatory.

4. Stuffed toys or comfort item

This one is also pretty self-explanatory. You’d be surprised how much having an external (or internal) comfort item can help in everyday situations and with sleeping.

5. Healing Glow

I got this suggestion from my therapist. “Healing Glow” might not be the right words for this, it’s more of tucking parts in with a comforting energy or sending a positive feeling through the entire system. The color can be whatever color you see fit, just send it out to the system in whatever way you can and make sure you’re thinking that this will be calming, and it should be. This may not work super well without first talking to a therapist.

6. Taking a walk

This was something my therapist suggested to me when I first started seeing her. She suggested that the parts who were having trouble sleeping, take a walk or do something that doesn’t involve the currently fronting part and doesn’t involve sleeping. This could mean a safe internal part stays with the kiddo(s) while the fronting person goes to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Night Time Tips – System Kids

  1. These are all great. One of my friends’ systems has a big Teddy inside and all the littles wear little nightgowns and nightcaps, and Teddy does too, and they all go to sleep safely. There is also a big who is a parttime policeman who ‘makes the streets safe’ foir them and that helps their sleep.

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