How To Start A Bullet Journal For DID Systems

Bullet journaling can be a great way to keep track of your system and daily life, and I find it especially important for systems to keep track of things. There are many ways to bullet journal, and if you look up ‘bullet journaling’ online or on Pinterest you’ll be flooded with ideas for pages, cool looking setups,  and things that may seem a little intimidating.

My main problem when I first heard about bullet journaling was it seemed to be for people who had stuff going on. I’m not one of those people, I’m a homebody. There were still things I would forget though. This video was my introduction to bullet journaling. Aside from it looking boring, it also wasn’t made for people who spend most their time at home.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a way to keep track of system things, either internal goings on or doctors appointments. Now that I’m physically sick I needed a way to keep track of symptoms too. Bullet journaling is actually really good for that.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Notebook
  • Pen/Pencil

Optional Extras:

  • Dotted/Grid lined notebook
  • Colorful pens and pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Washi tape
  • Stickers
  • Fun stuff!

Basically, all you’ll need is a notebook and a pen (maybe a ruler too if you like getting lines straight).

The first page I suggest every system bullet journal have is a ‘habit tracker’ though it doesn’t have to just be for habits. You can have it be for symptoms, who fronts, daily tasks that need to be done, how much sleep you get, how much water you get, etc. You set it up in a graph like fashion allowing for checks to be placed next to things you did on the day that they happened.

Next would be you’re daily or weekly spreads. That would be where you would put upcoming appointments, things that happened that you want to remember and maybe even some of the smaller trackers like water and food intake.

Those are spreads/pages I would suggest for anyone. My system page suggestions are below.

  • Self-care/coping skills page
  • System memories page
  • Topics to talk about in therapy
  • System parts names/a system map
  • Therapy goals
  • Roll call/check-in page
  • Food/bathroom tracker
  • About pages for each system member
  • In case of emergency page
  • Lists of typical groceries, household supplies, and chores
  • Points + reward page
  • Social media page with passwords/usernames and when you last posted (if that’s important)
  • Bills/spending tracker
  • Braindump

There are so many things you can put in a journal, the sky really is the limit. An important reminder is to remember that this is just for you(and your system) to read, to be honest, and open about what you put in it. You can carry your journal around (like we do) or if you’re nervous about losing it keep it in a safe place at home.

Don’t just limit it to system things either (unless you want to!) try and add pages that make you happy or pages for hobbies. Below are some other page ideas that can be fun/nice to have.

  • Sticker collection/favorite stickers
  • Favorite quotes
  • Favorite songs/playlist page
  • Books to read/books you have read
  • Washi tape collection
  • Doodle page
  • Collection tracker
  • Writing prompts/brainstorm
  • Gratitude page
  • TV Shows to watch
  • Wishlist

There are so many different things you can put in a bullet journal and you’re free to customize it however you like. Don’t feel that there are any special things you need to buy or anything, just a simple notebook will do.

I hope I can inspire some other DID systems to start bullet journaling too. It’s such a fun hobby if you start adding stickers and other fun stuff. It really has been helpful in keeping things together for my system.

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