Self Care For Protectors

For the last five or so days a protector has been fronting the majority of the time. It’s been draining, not for the entire system, but for us protectors who aren’t normally fronting for everyday tasks. Below are some tips Squall and I have found that help out protectors to stay calm and act “normal” when they’re forced to font (and the body doesn’t need actual protection).

  •  Count to 10 and other calming exercises. If you’re anything like me you tend to be kind of angry. Irritable. Remember you always have the power to take a step back and say, “Hey look I just need a minute.” Taking a step back, counting to ten and breathing out, breathing square, these are all things I’ve found that can calm me down enough to focus on things like school, work, or home life.
  • Speaking of calming things- listen to music. If you don’t have a favorite genre just listen to a bunch of stuff until you find one. Or if you’re more into just plain noise there are a ton of great Spotify playlists of rain and white noise. Here is one of rain. Here is one of rainstorms. Here is one of white noise. This is also helpful for sleeping!
  • Try and keep the humor going. I’ve noticed the one thing that helps me is trying to keep some form of happy attitude going. Usually with humor. If I encounter anything remotely irritating I try and make a joke out of it first.
  • Get help from other parts. If you can access other parts (but maybe they can’t front) try and get their help with stuff. In headworld, or just has a calming voice in the back of your head. Don’t feel ashamed if you need help.
  • Keep busy. Keeping busy with either system work, therapy work, or even housework can help keep your mind off of anything bad that might be happening. It might even be able to help you figure out why a protector is having to front.
  •  Lastly figure out why a protector is fronting. Handling the problem is the most helpful thing. We are currently still trying to piece the puzzle together, but journaling is helping. Therapy is helping.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy right now.

Best wishes,


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