Book Review: Imaginary Fred

Imaginary Fred

Imaginary Fred is written by Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl) and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers (The Day The Crayons Quit). It follows Fred, an imaginary friend who feels lonely sometimes. Being an imaginary friend means that someday you’ll be forgotten and float back up to the clouds until the time is right and you meet a new friend who needs you.

Fred meets his new real friend, Sam, and realizes that Sam is the friend of his dreams. Sam likes the same things and isn’t afraid to show Fred to his parents. Sam likes plumbing, music, and comics just like Fred does. Fred fears that Sam will find a real friend like all the other kids in the past and that Fred will eventually fade away to the clouds again. This time though, something quite magical happens when Sam finds a real-life friend.

I won’t spoil the ending! I feel like it teaches kids that even if you have other friends that doesn’t mean your old friends won’t think of you. It also shows that no one will be alone forever, even imaginary friends.

It’s a very well written story about loneliness and the fear of being replaced. I picked it up at my local BAM! in the bargain-priced section for $5.97. The book itself is well bound, the pages are thick and the detail is nice. Simple colors throughout, and a very interesting drawing style.

I saw it originally and thought the cover said “Imaginary Friend” which I figured I could relate to D.I.D in some way for the kiddos in this system. Though it’s not what I originally thought it was, I’m happy we picked it out. It was a nice story in a nicely made book.

The book is published by Harper Collins Publishing company and is marketed towards ages 4-8 years old.

You can buy it on Amazon here, though it is more expensive. Everywhere I looked online had it for more expensive than in stores, though the Amazon price is not above what I would pay for this book. (Note: I am not affiliated with Amazon or anyone else and receive no money for the purchase of this book)



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