Red .2 – Scars

May be triggering!

You must think I’m weird.
I stare at you from long distances,
trying to catch a glimpse of
bright green and pale skin.

After I had come back,
your scars on your cheeks…
they shocked me.
Pink and rough lines from
the corner of each lip to center cheek.
You must have been high,
on emotions or drugs.

Your skin is still so porcelain white;
your green eyes still shine so bright.
Nothing can take away
the beauty of your soul.
I hardly notice them now,
I look at you and see you.
Beautiful, wonderful, you.


This one was hard for me to post, Adam is very self-conscious about his scars. They come from a long history of painful days and nights. He is still so beautiful.

© 2017 Roo Sinclair / Molly Nash

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