Red .3 – Looking Back


Bright wisps of hair
fall against my cheek,
brushing along my cheek bones
as you hover over me.

Lips touch lips,
quick and gentle.
You move down,
lay against my collarbone.

You must be searching for
something. Unknown to me
or you. I want you to
find it in me,

Because I’ve found it
in you. I have to go soon
I don’t have to
but I will.

You won’t search for me.
That’s okay.
I won’t be able to be
found anyway.

You are someone different
now then who you will be.
I like you better in the
future if I’m honest.

Now, you’re careless.
Indebted to a idea
who you think is a person.

I’ll come back just in time
for you to all fall apart.
I’ll fall apart with you,
sorry I can’t help.

I think we know I’m
Your moving away from me
towards someone who we

will both love in different ways.
For now, I’ll enjoy the
soft presses of your lips
Against my throat.

I enjoyed writing this poem, but I also didn’t enjoy it. This marks a fairly hard time in our lives. Things are much better now!

© 2017 Roo Sinclair / Molly Nash

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