Red .1 – Smitten Or Something

” Smitten from sighting one.
Your long locks so bright,
one might think you look a bit silly.
You laugh like cat scratches on leather.
Intoxicatingly annoying.
You scream loud,
not vocally but personally.
Your aura must be pink,
though you’d say lavender…
You’re a twat like that.   “

Smitten Or Something is the first poem in the Red series. All Red poems are about my muse, and the love of my life- Adam. 

© 2017 Roo Sinclair

3 thoughts on “Red .1 – Smitten Or Something

  1. Roo, I love your poetry. “You’re a twat like that” made me smile how you can love and tease and be kind. I’m sure Adam adores you. Good to see you back on the blogs, was wondering how you all were. Take care. -Lora


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