Red .5 – Freckles

When I noticed your freckles
I joked and called them mud speckles.
You were none too pleased
with my silly innocent tease.
Pouting ensured
lasting all but a day.
We made up quickly,
you never tend to stay in a grumpy space
for very long.

You say it’s somethin’
’bout them beautiful blues.
They captured you,
and hold you tight.

You’re right.
I hold you with all my strength.
I can’t let you go.
You’re my world,
my flame,
and all that other gay shit…
You know what I mean,
right darling?

I like writing funny poems, it’s more me than depressing ones. Also, has you may have noticed, I’m not one for rhyming schemes or anything that would remotely make this a poem. Oh well.

Red .5 is here, I’m happy with this one. It’s fitting and very telling of our relationship. 

© Roo Sinclair / Molly Nash 

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