March Plan With Me!


Since I actually did some planning ahead this month I decided to do a plan with me! I have a lot of D.I.D related stuff in my Bullet Journal, so be warned any planner people may be a bit confused by what’s in here.

First, I started with a cover page. I never usually do these just because I’m not an artist or even a doodler. I shake so my lines always come out funky and I just end up getting frustrated.


This month though I had seen a few Pinterest posts with this multiple circles around the day of the week or a month name and I loved it. I added a few leaves with minimal coloring and made the circles rainbow and grey. My mini calendar at the bottom is off center, but I like it anyway!

The next page in my journal is my gratitude spread. Every day I write one thing I’m grateful for. I got the idea for the spread off of Pinterest, and I used it last month.


Of course, I made a few mistakes, so I put a quote at the bottom saying “be grateful for mistakes”. I like it though!


Next is my weekly spread. I went for a cloud kind of theme because I wanted to continue to use my favorite Tombow brush pen, and we all really love the sky. I took out the other half of my week from this picture because it’s all filled out.


These next two pages (or well they cover four pages) are two system things that I plan on writing more in-depth posts about later. First is my roll-call page, which is similar to a habit tracker but we mark off everyone when we do our daily roll-call. Next is the sticker reward page for the older kids.

This last page is something really special, something I’ve never done before. A great bullet journaling blog, Page Flutter, is having a six-word story monthly challenge. I found out about it in the middle of February and decided that March’s prompts were too good to pass up.


I’m super excited to do this, I hope it’ll spark my creativity to the max. You can follow me on Instagram (here) for daily updates, or wait until I update here on my blog with a small collection of them.

There you have it, that’s whats in my journal for March. The rest will be weekly spreads, and maybe a few other things will be added but this is what I’m going into March with (or should I say marching into March).



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