System Planning.


So the other day I went into Michaels and was drawn to the planner section, as always. I had never tried a spiral-bound Recollection planner and was more looking for Happy Planner stuff by MAMBI. There were so many in there that were so colorful and just seemed so cool looking that I started to dig through them.

Then this one caught my eye. It’s an hourly planner, meaning the insides of it are broken down into hours (7 am until 10 pm) and instantly my mind sparked with how I could use this magical unicorn planner as a system planner.

It technically starts in July but I’m horribly impatient and just couldn’t wait. Besides I’m not using it to keep track of stuff like an actual planner, I’m using it to track things like switches, big daily events, and what not after they happen. Like a diary. I couldn’t find the right way to do this with a bullet journal but so far this has been working out great.

That, and being able to come home after a long day and write down everything that happened in a colorful book is very very nice.


Here’s what our first three days in the planner looked like. Now, our sleeping schedule is a little out of whack, so the 7-10 doesn’t work for us very well but it works well enough. If we need to we’ll change the hours, but for now, we just block out sleeping time with large stickers.

I’ll keep you updated on how this continues to work out for us.



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