System Purse Plan

Every time I move into a new bag/purse I have the idea to put in a system emergency kit. Kind of like a coping kit I can take with me, full of items I’d just like to carry around with me. This time I’ve made it my goal to look for things that I’ll need to bring with me just in case. Some are system specific and others are just nice to always have with me.

A StuffieIf there’s one thing I’ve learned about my kid parts is that they love “stuffies” or stuffed animals. Currently, we have a huge collection of them, ones that sit on our bed and ones that sit in our toy area in our room.


Those are the ones on our bed;  Melody the bunny, Elliot the elephant, Kit the cat, and Angus the unicorn are all the ones with names. There is also our one us adults are thinking of using for travel who doesn’t have a name. He’s just a little dog.

Something about stuffed toys makes the kids feel really safe being able to have them to hug or touch. Even if they have to front through us adults just knowing we have them in our bag makes us feel happier.

A toy (or two) – We have a collection of plastic toy animals that all make us really happy to have along with us. Knowing if we get bored or anything we can have them to pull out. Though this might be less of something we carry depending on how big our new bag is. It could range from a toy car to a Littlest Pet Shop toy. We might even buy a contained travel toy kit to pack in there.

A Squishy– Alongside having way too many stuffies and toys for an adult we also have a small collection of squishies. If you don’t know what those are toys that are made out of some sort of foam or silicone and are just like their name says, squishy. They can be great for destressing. They also happen to be one of our favorite cute things to collect.


That’s just part of our collection. We’ll probably carry around one or two depending on who’s fronting and what type of squishy they like.

Our Journal– This is something we try to carry around with us anyway. Usually, if we don’t have it we’ll tend to pick up another cheap one just to have with us. It’s like we’re addicted to journals. It’s a dangerous game not carrying one!

Just kidding, though we do feel lost if we don’t have our current squeeze with us.

Alongside the journal will probably be our current favorite Pen, a Pilot G-2 in the 0.38 size and some stickers and our Zebra Mildliners just in case we’d like to journal in the car. It’s always nice to have these things with us. The black car makes for some great backgrounds for journaling pictures.

Hello Kitty Instax Camera– This is our newest addition to our favorites family, and we might review it too. We’ve never had an instant camera before, and when we saw this on sale at Michaels for half price it was just kind of a whim to buy. It’s taken some getting used to but has taken some great shots and we just love it.

We wanted a camera for so long just to take pictures of our daily life, but all we have is an old digital camera. We don’t have the use for a DSLR (and we’d have to get a printer for journal pictures anyway). This just seems like such a good middle ground, plus it’s Hello Kitty! We love that.


Of course, we’ll always have some extra Film in there too.

3DS– We use this mostly for Animal Crossing, but it’d be nice to get other games for it too. Animal Crossing is our go-to anxiety buster when we really need it. So isn’t the Sims but we can’t bring our laptop with us everywhere!

iPad and Stylus– This is both for the kid’s games, and also our digital bujo when we use it. It’s always nice to have with us and has been hard to carry around in other bags.

Next up is more realistic important things.

Phone Charger– We like to always have this with us anyway, but this will include the box and the cord too. We might even buy an extra set just to keep in our bag.

Headphones– Seriously important! By this, I mean a spare pair in case ours break. This is important not only to keep our anxiety level down but to keep the kids in check too. They always thrive when we have music playing. It calms them (and all of us). Music and headphones are essential.

Deodorant + Lotion– Did you know they make little balls of travel deodorant now? We’re going to pick one up and carry it with us, alongside our hand lotion and some chapstick. Our body is always a sweaty mess and no matter how much deodorant we put on in the morning we always start to stink by the end of the day.

The hand lotion is good to give us hand massages. Our hands always hurt, and being able to rub them gently is not only self-care but it also helps ease some of that pain. Our lips can also become seriously dry, especially during the more extreme seasons. Having some nice chapstick is always helpful.

Our wallet– This one is kind of obvious, but it’s important to list down too so people know we won’t be walking around without our money and cards!

Backup food– We eat gluten-free, and finding food in a gas station that’s gluten-free is usually pretty hard. Having some snacks in our bag as a backup will be helpful.

Smells + Mints– AKA Flashback Fighters. Smell and Taste are the two best ways to snap yourself out of a flashback and ground you to the here and now that we know of. It’s important for us to have these things because of our tendency to float and have intrusive thoughts and memories.

Any daytime meds– Kind of a given!

So there you have it, a list of things that we will be packing into our new bag once it arrives. Maybe we’ll do a “what’s in your bag” post once we get settled into it.

Did this give you ideas? Do you carry a bag? If so what’s inside?

One thought on “System Purse Plan

  1. Minus the digital stuff – I just use my phone – this is actually pretty similar to what I carry in my bag. I add some sort of beaded bracelet (societally acceptable fidget if I can’t haul out real ones), a water bottle (autonomic nervous system dysfunction means I need to be drinking water constantly), my meds and usually a kindle for books. These are all good chronic illness and PTSD stress aids!

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