Disablities Day Out

You don’t have to be marketable, you don’t have to be a business to have value. I just want to start off by saying that. Being disabled doesn’t mean you are less of a human. Having mental health issues does not make you less worthy of being here on earth.

I wanted to write that has a reminder for people who might be in a down place like I am. I’m going through a bit of a depression at the moment, mostly brought on by physical pain. It really sucks being disabled.

I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, though I figured I had it, it makes me feel very sad. That plus the pain I’m in has been kind of dragging me down to a dark place. It’s been coming out in the kids and the protectors.

I’ve been feeling pretty helpless. I just want to make my system happy but every time we go to spend time together (aka dedicated system time) we fall asleep!

I’m trying to stick to my bullet journaling, trying to be creative, and trying to write a big long blog series. Pain kind of sucks the life out of you, and whoever said people in pain make good art was WRONG! I’m not making anything good.

I bought a book today and I’m hoping it will be good. It’s a manga, and I haven’t read one of them in a long time! I also bought the kiddos a book they’ve been looking at for a long time but keep saying no to.

Here are some pictures from my day out today.



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