Short Ramble

I’m trying to realize that this blog doesn’t have to always have to be perfect and that I can post whatever I want on it. It doesn’t have to be professional. This started as an outlet and I feel like I’ve taken it too seriously lately making me not have the drive to write on it.

That’s no good.

Aside from that, my sister has been on vacation camping with her dad (my ex-step-dad) and we’re hopefully picking her up today. It’s been seven whole days of…nothing. No small kid running my life, no real purpose.

She’s so important to me, and being away from her is just very hard for both my mom and me. I haven’t had a reason to work through my pain or my fatigue. I’ve just been sleeping until 2pm and going to sleep at 9pm. Not doing much of anything. It really sucks!

I know she’s having fun and everything, and I trust her dad as much as I can trust someone. It’s triggering to me though because my abuser (dad) used to take me on vacations and … well, you don’t need to know details but they weren’t very fun.

I’ll just be glad when I have her back home with me.


4 thoughts on “Short Ramble

  1. This is the first post i’ve read of yours and i’m sorry to hear that you miss your sister so much and that your dad abused you.

    In terms of your blog, you do you. You don’t have to have any kind of schedule for your blog at all. Feel free to post spontaneously like I do. I don’t have a set schedule and it helps me. Maybe it could help you too to not have a set schedule. Just a suggestion.

    Glad your sister will be home soon. 🙂

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