About Us

We are a Dissociative Identity Disorder system of 37+ members, though that number has grown substantially since we were first diagnosed with the help of therapy and becoming cooperative. We range in age from babies (about 5 months) to parts in their 30’s. We all have our little families within the system which is something we will talk about sometimes.

Our approach to therapy has been becoming co-conscious with one another. We do EMDR with an amazing therapist, and our goal is just like anyone else who does EMDR. Make the memories take up less space in our mind and body.

Things we like include; stuffed animals, bunnies, cats, dogs, journaling, our heated blanket, chocolate, and cars. We also have a few poets in this system so sometimes poetry may be posted. We also LOVE stickers!

We are chronically ill and are in the process of being diagnosed, though it is probably Crohn’s Disease. We sleep a lot and are in pain a lot. We work as a respite worker for our sister who is Autistic.

We are not professionals, nor do we claim to be.

If you need medical attention please contact your local emergency services or crisis line. Do not use this blog has a substitute for therapy, these things may work for us but they may not work for you. We are not responsible for any damages caused by misuse of this blog.